Also, Ichiro! Back in full effect with the @Mariners!

Great piece on @ESPN by Wright Thompson on Ichiro, worth reading to the very end for its Ichiro-as-Charles Foster Kane denouement.

“In a way, isn’t Ted Cruz the Lisa Simpson of the U.S. Senate?” @conor64 with the plain truth, spoken plainly.

Floris Paalman’s @mediapolisjrl essay on Thomas Elsaesser’s doc The Sun Island is a must-read – a fascinating history of architecture and family, intertwined.

Launching a new series on the memorable moments of 2017 in @mediapolisjrl with a post recapping the evolution of the journal over the year

New in @mediapolisjrl: our reviews editor @noelle_grif sits down with Pam Wojcik to talk about her new book, Fantasies of Neglect, and the figure of the urban child in American film and fiction.

From an @TheEconomist explainer on the closure of coffeeshops in Amsterdam: “A report by the Bonger Instituut, a criminology think-tank named after a professor at the University of Amsterdam, is blunt…” A double-double-entendre? Well-played.

New issue of @mediapolisjrl is rolling off the presses – starting with a fascinating look at the archives of the Echo Park Film Center by Nicholas Avedisian-Cohen.

Smart take: “That Jeter, and not Sherman, will take the fall for trading Stanton is a tragedy particular to American social climbing. Rich and famous workers are workers nonetheless, and their wealth and power are limited accordingly.” – M Neumann @theringer

Social network: do I know anyone with expertise in data scraping who might be willing to share their insights? Trying to put together a proposal and want to make sure of the scope of the project first.